These testimonials are verbatim excerpts from actual written testimonials from some of my clients in Taos, NM.

“The insight and clarity that you bring to deep bodywork is truly exceptional. Thank you for sharing your healing gift. It has made such a difference in my aging process”  Joanne

“Your intuitive touch and extensive knowledge, plus great skill have made a huge difference in my well being!”  Carl

“I feel like new!  My healing has come full circle….”  Sandy

“You have gotten me through some injuries I’m sure would have required surgery without your techniques and level of skill. Your unique philosophy about breaking up scar tissue to allow healing to occur is both logical and extremely successful.  I’m so fortunate to have been introduced to you shortly after you arrived in Taos and started your practice.  I have benefitted enormously and can’t imagine how I’ll manage without my sessions.  Any time I had a twinge of pain of some sort, I’ve thought: “It’s okay, I’ll be seeing Brian soon.”  And you’ve always worked me through the issue.  Oh, will you be missed!”  Gayle

“Brian you are seriously gifted & will be greatly missed. Thanks so much and good luck.”  Liz

“Brian’s amazing technique of physical healing should be mainstream medicine! His ability to break down scar tissue and allow all of the body’s joints to function in their full range of motion is incredible and a true gift”…..”After 6 knee surgeries and then being treated by Brian I have never worn my knee braces again.  He is the reason that I can ski, snowboard and hike without pain or needing to wear a knee brace.  Thank You Brian!!!”  Christof

“You’re the best Chiropractor EVER!!  Top shelf.  Very grateful to have been treated by you!!”  Frieda

“Thanks so much for helping me recover my body and ability to do things I want to do!”  Joyce

“Thank You for the Magic”  Mark

“Thank you for saving my life!  I had so much pain when I came to you, I was falling apart.  You helped me so much with my back, my wrists, my hip, my shoulder….I’m a different person!....”  Kathy

“Thanks for all of your help.  You have been able to fix my malady’s that I thought were going to be permanent!” Bruce

“Thanks for your powerful & effective work.  It has been amazing”  Charles

“Thank you so much for healing the numerous pains that life comes with.  Both Physically and Spiritually.  I believe your gifts are true medicine…”  Colin