Sports Oriented Therapy

“It’s about maximum performance, NOT just pain relief.”

Dr. Brian has specific treatment protocols for athletic people.

People who participate in sports and exercise generally expect the most from their bodies. Many athletes want to get better at their sports,  not just be pain free.  Competitive athletes need to be absolutely the best they can be.  Dr. Brian’s treatment allows all of the soft tissues to stretch and lengthen normally,   so the joints can have full range of motion.  This allows for maximum speed, power,  flexibility  and  biomechanical  advantage. When  an  athlete experiences a new injury, it usually takes 2 to 12 months to heal.  If an injury is allowed to heal short and with scarred tissue, the  tissue will heal weak and inelastic,  making  it  very  vulnerable  to re-injury.  If  you keep the tissues  long,  break  the  scars  as  they  form  and  maintain full range of motion of  joints  while healing,  you will  not  only  be  able  to  decrease  the  chances for re-injury,  but also allow for harder training while the injury heals.  Finally, when the injured tissues are fully healed, there will be no need for further rehabilitation and you are ready to go full out again.

Dr. Brian has personally trained through many injuries during his life while competing in sports. He has treated literally thousands of sports related injuries for his clients over his 25-year career. The wisdom he gained through his healing process as well as his clients' healing processes is directly conveyed to you, helping you recover from your injury as soon as possible with the least residual issues.