Services Offered

“I take the time to really get to know you”

New Patient Visit

The new patient visit will generally last about an hour.  Forms are available to fill out at the office.  The New Patient Visit will include an interview, examination and treatment. It is recommended to wear loose comfortable clothes. Dresses are discouraged, unless shorts or tights are worn beneath. It is okay to do a normal workout or stretching/yoga program before you arrive. Warm tissues respond well to treatment. It is best to avoid hard workouts or hard work before as well as after a treatment.

Extended Visit

After you have had a New Patient Visit, I generally recommend booking an Extended Session. This longer treatment period allows time to examine and treat most joints of the body. The body functions as one machine so in reality there are no separate parts. Quite often symptoms are in one area and the cause is in another. Commonly there are areas in the body with no symptoms, yet there is a dysfunction that causes symptoms and degeneration possibly causing injury in the future. It is best to treat problems before they become symptomatic. The typical Extended Session at Brian Bodyworks is 50 minutes.

Localized Visit

This shorter session may be utilized after an extended session, if your problem is limited to one area. Dr. Brian can treat one general region of the body in a Localized Session, such as the lower back and hips, or the upper back and shoulders. If you are coming in for a treatment of only one issue, please mention it when you schedule for this type of appointment. The typical Localized Session at Brian Bodyworks is about 30 minutes. 

Concentrated Session

This appointment type is appropriate if your issue is limited to one joint area in the extremity areas such as a knee, ankle, shoulder or hand. The typical Concentrated Session at Brian Bodyworks is 15 minutes long. 

Family Plan

Dr. Brian enjoys working with families.

He invites you to bring your immediate family or domestic partner and share an “Extended Visit” for only the price of one treatment. So bring your spouse, significant other or children and pay one price. Your treatment time can be split amongst everyone as you see fit. Children do get injured and treating them while young can eliminate problems in the future.

“I expect great results”

Expected Results

The first thing you receive from Dr. Brian is a very detailed diagnosis. He will tell you about your injuries and biomechanical issues, equally informing you of what joints and tissues are healthy. 

When the scar tissues are broken and the soft tissues from an old healed injury are lengthened, they will not shorten and scar again, (unless you have a new unhealed injury return). These released tissues will remain longer for the rest of your life. So the results are permanent and accumulative. Every time your tissues and joints are treated, they will function better. When functioning well for your lifestyle, you will not have symptoms, like spasm or pain. And you will not require further treatment unless you have a new injury or you just want to increase your activity level, and see treatment results as you soar to new levels. The amount of treatment you may need is then dependent on how damaged your joints and tissues are when you begin. Generally, the more shortness and scarring are present, the more length to the treatment period.