Expected Results

“I expect great results”

The first thing you receive from Dr. Brian is a very detailed diagnosis.  He will tell you about almost every injury and biomechanical problem you have.  As well as letting you know what joints and tissues are healthy.

When the scarred tissues are broken and the soft tissues from an old healed injury are lengthened, they will not shorten and scar again.  (Unless, you have a new unhealed injury) These tissues will remain longer for the rest of your life.  So the results are permanent and additive.  Every time your tissues and joints are treated, they will function better.  When you are functioning well enough for your lifestyle, you will not have any symptoms like spasm or pain and will not need further treatment unless you have a new injury or wish to increase your activity level.  The amount of treatment you will need is then dependent on how damaged your joints and tissue are when you start. Generally, the more shortness and scarring the longer the treatment period.