New Wailea Location

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Aloha!  I am so happy to have found a new professional space to work out of.  It is in Wailea.  The office will move from the old location on May 4th of 2020.  The new address is:
Wailea Town Center, Wailea Suites
A-105, Suite number 3A
161 Wailea Ike Place
Wailea, HI 96753

It is Easy to get there and easy to find.  Here are the basic directions:

Drive up or down Wailea Ike Drive.  Turn to the North at Wailea Ike Place. Go up the Place, and stay far right until you get to the rear of the complex.  My office is within the Wailea Suites Space.  Look for the Wailea Suites sign above the door.  This location if very close to Mateo's Restaurant.  
You will find an entry door.  Please enter.  My new office is facing the Entry door.  Just to the Left.  You will see my small sign next to the office door.  If you find my door closed, please wait in the lobby area.  If you are more comfortable you can sit outside the entry door.  I will look to for you when I can receive you.  If my office door is open, just come on in.  Since the Lobby is a common area, I ask that you bring your slippers or shoes into my office space.
I look forward to seeing you!
Dr. Brian
Approaching the Wailea Town Center:

Front view of the Wailea Suites:

A105 Suites Front Door:

Dr. Brian's New Office door: