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In order to keep everyone safe from COVID-19 infection, I have a HEPA filter to keep the air clean, sterilize my hands and surfaces between clients and I wear an N95 mask.
Well-fitted N95 and equivalent masks are the only masks that are able to provide protection against the highly infectious Omicron variants of SARS2. Cloth masks and surgical masks offer almost no protection at all.
Please wear an N95 mask when you enter the waiting room. I will have them available if you forget yours.

Mahalo for keeping us all safe,
~ Dr. Brian
  • I always give the best treatment possible.

    “I always give the best treatment possible.”

    Dr. Brian Chenes has been a licensed chiropractor for 23 years.

  • I take time to treat the whole body.

    “I take time to treat the whole body.”

    Dr. Brian Chenes uses a combination of treatment styles.

  • I treat the body, mind and spirit.

    “I treat the body, mind and spirit.”

    Dr. Brian Chenes runs weekly meditation classes on Monday at 7 pm.

  • I find it amazing how many ailments can be fixed with the human hands.

    “I find it amazing how many ailments can be fixed with human hands.”

  • I take time to really get to know you.

    “I take time to really get to know you.”

    Brian’s wisdom incorporated into treatments provides rapid recovery.

  • I expect great results.

    “I expect great results.”

    The treatments significantly decrease or eliminate symptoms.

Dr. Brian Chenes

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Wailea Town Center, Wailea Suites
A-105, Suite number 3A
161 Wailea Ike Place

Wailea, HI 96753

Located in South Maui


Dr. Brian Chenes, DC provides effective treatments for every joint in the body and the ailments that affect them. He utilizes a combination of treatment styles, providing you an exceptional session combining Soft Tissue Manipulation and Therapy, Joint Manipulation, and Chiropractic Adjusting. Dr. Brian’s treatments are hands on, generally lasting 30 to 85 minutes.

Sessions are by appointment only.

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Regular Office Hours are: 

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Thursday 1:00 to 4:00 pm 

Off on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday


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I hope you will enjoy my website while learning about your body and its injuries. There is a section that explains my Technique and another section that explains my Services. There are pages that have New Patient Forms available for you to complete online. There are Testimonials from satisfied patients and a Blog that can keep you updated on the latest. You will find pages that can tell you What injuries I can treat and what kind of Results You Can Expect. If you would like more scientific or detailed information, check out the section called Physiology of Injury. Athletes surely want to check out the Sports Injury page