About Brian Chenes, Doctor of Chiropractic

“I always give you the best treatment possible”


DR. BRIAN CHENES has been licensed to practice Chiropractic for 35 years. During this period he has been developing his own technique. His technique melds Soft Tissue Manipulation, Joint Manipulation and Chiropractic Adjusting. His treatments significantly decrease and eliminate symptoms such as pain, muscle spasm, stiffness, numbness, decreased range of motion and arthritis.

Dr. Brian began his style of practicing Chiropractic in Breckenridge, Colorado after graduating in 1988 from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon. Following this successful practice Dr Brian moved to Taos, New Mexico in 2001 creating another very successful practice until he followed a new dream and moved to Kihei, Maui, Hawaii in the beginning of 2013. The new clinic in Kihei, Maui is called Brian Bodyworks and Chiropractic. Dr. Brian has been a High Caliber Athlete in several sports including Windsurfing, Alpine and X-Country Skiing, Rock and Ice Climbing, Mountain and Road Cycling. Brian also loves to play at Surfing, Golf, Tennis, and Scuba Diving. His athletic experience has provided a personal understanding of sports related injuries and what it takes to rehabilitate these injuries. This wisdom is incorporated into his treatments and provides for rapid recovery from sports injuries as well as other motion related types of injury.